Monday, 25 April 2011

peacock eyes

Nothing like leaving things til the last minute is there!
My leaded window design has been coming along nicely but so far I've managed to do the 2 easiest of the 6 sections and haven't got round to fusing the eyes of the peacock's tail. In tomorrow's eve class I'll be doing a bit of soldering on panel 2 but will then be ready for the tail and the challenge of the century!!! Now that I'm ready for the tail parts I really need the peacock eyes done and there for leading into the design. (See what I mean about last minute now!) So today was the day for getting it done.

I'm using lead crystal glass that I've been using for my castings as having done a few flat experiments with it I realised it would be perfect for what I envisaged.
I set myself up on the table in the conservatory with the leading design, peacock images, bags of glass, a kiln shelf to position the glass directly onto and was joined by a hot and bothered cat stretched out under the table!

But then disaster struck!!!! I ran out of glass eek!!! (ok I know I'm being melodramatic but I am impatient!) Luckily Glass From The Past, where I get my glass from, is pretty local so I jumped in the car and bought another 8 bags which should keep me going for a little while.

So disaster averted and I finished all the 'eyes' on the left hand side of the design.

When the come out of the kiln tomorrow morning I'll be able to pack them into a bag ready for the eve class when I'll cut and grind them to fit into the design perfectly.  

But before then I've got lots of 16yr olds to prepare for their final GCSE Art exam on Weds/Thurs....I'll need another 4 day wkend to get over this chaotic wk :o)

Sunday, 24 April 2011

new casting sculptures

What a gorgeous bank holiday weekend and school Easter holiday. For days now I've been able to enjoy eating every meal al fesco on the patio and have had 2 bbq's which is just amazing for April. I could get used to this :o)
Today I decided it was time to take my crafts outside so spent a few hours this afternoon making new casting sculptures.

Last week I went on holiday to Norfolk and visited Southwold which was full of seaside inspiration (ok so perhaps I am a little preoccupied by seaside themes but we can't help what inspires us can we?!)

These will be used to make a plaster mold at a later date so that I can turn the design into 3d glass.

Which is your favourite?
What other items should I add to the seaside collection?