Monday 11 June 2012


Ok here's a little tease for you all.....

This is fresh out of the kiln this eve but it's a picture in disguise. I'll give you a little clue.... It's a well known person.

Answers on a postcard please.... Or just comment below

All will be revealed tomorrow :)


  1. OOooh the only person that comes to mind is Marilyn Munroe for some reason! Lol :) hope you're ok since leaving your job x hope you weren't forced to go x x x onwards & upwards!!!

    Jo x x x

  2. You are kind of along the right lines with Marilyn.
    Handing in my notice was the best thing I've done In ages. I hadn't expected to be given the time off as a result of doing it but that's been an unexpected bonus. It means I can focus on really getting over the stress of the last few yrs in sch n start to think about my own art more :)
    Def onwards n upwards, thank you x