Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Making a cast baby foot

Its become popular recently for new parents to buy kits to imprint their baby's hand or foot print. My sister had a baby in October and wanted to create a mini hand and foot to remember just how small Adam was when he was first born but being related to arty old me we decided to try for something a little different.

Armed with dental alginate and you tube tutorials we decided to cast both feet and a fist too.

Attempt no1 to imprint the feet was a disaster so thats when we looked up you tube!

I poured the quick setting alginate into a bag and and we then put Adam's foot into it and tried to keep him still until it set. It was soooo much easier when he fell asleep and then didn't move at all!!!

Looking into the cast.

As the alginate dried it turned pink. We poured plaster into the molds and then left them overnight to set. At this point my sister took the molds home and I was left wondering what these mini feet would look like. We both thought the fist mold hadn't worked as well as the feet had so I waited in anticipation to hear how well our efforts had worked........

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