Tuesday, 24 August 2010

International Festival of Glass

On Weds I'm off to the International Glass Festival and have just found out about the Fun Auction that I can be a part of, the question is what piece of glass should I enter into it?

The International Festival of Glass http://www.ifg.org.uk/ happens every 2 years and this is the 3rd time it has taken place. For 2 weeks Stourbridge becomes the home of all things glassy and is an international showcase for glass artists. This week has seen numerous masterclasses take place in Stourbridge and at the University of Wolverhampton in their fantastic glass department. I was seriously tempted to sign up for the glass casting one but in the end wasn't too sure if I really wanted to spend £500 for a 4 day workshop. If there had been a taster day 1st I'd have gone for it to see if I liked it but otherwise its a lot of money to see if you like something new. I wasn't even sure I'd be able to do more of it at home after so all in all I opted to go to the festival instead.

I've spent this evening going through the 16 page brochure of taster classes, lectures, demonstrations, exhibitions, walks, tours, book launches, fairs.....as you can probably see there's a huge range for people to go and visit. The difficulty is deciding where to start and what you want to see the most. I've printed off the timetable of events and starred those things happening at specific times so I can hopefully make the most of my time there. So far Fri 2pm is a bit of an issue- 3 things I want to see clash!!! I'm sure it won't be the last of the clashes by the time I get there though.

Monday at 4pm sees the final event of the festival- the Fun Auction- being led by Will Farmer from BBC Antiques Roadshow. Glass work is auctioned off by him with 50% going to support the festival and 50% going to the artist. Its a great way to get your name known and printed into the festival auction brochure for all to see so I'm going to do it but that brings me back to my original question....what should I enter? The organisers say fun, quirky, imaginative and fabulously frivolous so what do you think? Should I take something seasidey or something cupcakey or something else entirely?

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