Saturday, 7 August 2010

New Jewellery Designs

Over the past few weeks I've been designing a new jewellery collection and last night put the kiln on with anticipation and excitement.
I'd not fused any jewellery in the new kiln before (having previsously only had a few bits I'd been using the small kiln). I've pretty much got the schedules for larger pieces to my liking but small pieces were a little bit like unknown territory so there was the added anxiety of how well the schedule would work. Was the temperature correct, was the ramp up speed too fast/slow etc etc but with the kiln at 66 degrees celcius I finally took the plunge and opened it to find these little gems inside....

I'm very pleased with the results and will be selling them for the 1st time at The Guild of Essex Craftsmen Fair at Cressing Temple Barns over the Aug bank holiday weekend.

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