Thursday, 19 August 2010

New Beads

Over the summer holidays I've been going to use the lampwork bead torch equipment every Tuesday and these are the beads I made yesterday. I am a novice beader really but the regular practice has definitely improved my skills and I'm starting to feel like I'm finding my favourite colour ways too. Last week I experimented with a new shade of blue, and have just made a fresh light blue and white bracelet with these beads, but as much as I loved those I'm loving the blue green combination even more. Its definitely one I'll be coming back to soon.

I've been experimenting with layering opaque and transparent colours to create depth in a design and make the bead have an aquatic feel but on top of this I've been trying other techniques too including the twirl patterns.

In July I visited Art in Action at Waterperry Gardens in Oxfordshire and bought 'Passing the Flame' by Corina Tettinger. The book is an absolute must for anyone learning to bead as she explains new techniques so clearly with witty writing and step by step photos. You can read it and almost hear her saying the words which is a style I have found very helpful, as its meant I sit on the torch and remember what I've read fairly clearly. I've still obvioulsy had my mishaps but at the same time I've known what's gone wrong and what to change next time. I've barely got started with the tutorials in the book and I've already learnt a lot. Over the coming months I'll keep working my way through it and learn more and more.


  1. . . a lighterblue bracelet ;) i like it !!

  2. Thanks Guido, it's my favourite piece so far