Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Young artists

Tomorrow is D day for many a 17 or 18yr old, and that includes 12 of my As/A2 students. No doubt there will be stories in the news about A Levels getting easier as more and more students get good A Level grades but when was the last time they picked up a pencil or paintbrush to create several A3 skecthbooks and numerous canvases or essays about artists to fulfil exam criteria?! Art A Level takes serious dedication and time committment to pass with a high grade which can be blissful hours for some or stressful times for others.

After a tiring year July finally arrives complete with the exhibition, which was full of superb quality pieces. We are predicting some of our highest grades achieved in recent years, not due to easier criteria but down to sheer hard work from our students. Have a look at this to see just how good the work is 

The top 5 students in the A2 group are all off to university to do foundation courses or arts degrees so we'll keep a keen eye on their progress as they are already good artists who should excel on specialist higher ed courses.

Unfortunately Art is still seen as an easy subject but if only those news reporters really knew just how many hours of time and effort went into achieving an A or B A Level grade I think they'd change their minds!

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